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There are two forms of granule applicator:
> Weed-A-Metre - a hand held dispenser with a spreader unit to place a circle of granules around a target.
> EZidose - a hand held dispenser for small spot applications.



The Weed-A-Metre was developed to accurately dispense herbicide granules for weed control around newly planted trees. This hand held granule applicator uses a cone attachment to dispense a 1.2 - 1.4 m diameter circle of granules (0.2 - 2 mm in diameter) around the tree and can be accurately applied in amounts ranging from 0.75 - 6.25 ml. Light, robust and easy to use, the Weed-A-Metre makes granule application easy - no more carrying heavy containers!   > Read more

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The EZidose is the dispenser and bottle of the Weed-A-Metre but without the cone attachment. The EZidose is an accurate spot applicator of granules between 0.5 - 2 mm in diameter, in amounts ranging from 0.75 - 6.25 ml. EZidose can also be used to apply other granular products such as fertilisers. Inter-changeable trigger inserts control the volume of granules dispensed. The granules can also be stored and sealed in the bottle for use next time, helping reduce waste.   > Read more  

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