Plant Protection Chemistry NZ Ltd



R & D for end-users, such as farmers and growers

PPCNZ undertakes research to improve the targeting of pests, diseases and weeds in horticulture, agriculture and forestry. Our spray application and tank formulation research is used to enhance pesticide control, reduce off-target spray drift, minimise pesticide use, and to increase the profitability, productivity, crop quality and efficiency of spray operations for growers. We provide research, technical advice and guidance to a wide range of grower groups and individual growers in New Zealand, on how to improve their spray programmes.

Field trials are undertaken on a wide range of orchard, arable and forest crops, utilising spray application techniques ranging from ground-based to aerial, to compare spray performance with respect to deposits, coverage, efficacy and off-target drift. Videos of research trials and commercial spray applications are produced that are used to help inform growers.

We work with industries such as the pipfruit, avocado, winegrowers, vegetable and kiwifruit growers to successfully improve spray applications using lower spray volumes, increase pest and disease control and reduce off-target drift.

We work with the forest industry and biosecurity sector to reduce costs and herbicide rates in pre-plant weed control sprays, to improve the environmental impacts of controlling weeds and wildings, and to increase efficacy of aerial and ground-based sprays for controlling pests and diseases.

To achieve this we offer extensive expertise in both application (sprayer setup and nozzles) and formulation (adjuvants and pesticides) technology. We regularly present our findings to grower groups and at science conferences, and publish our research in horticultural and scientific journals.


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