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Weed control is important for growth and development of newly planted trees. The Weed-A-Metre is a granule dispenser designed to easily and accurately apply granular herbicides, which are just as effective as liquid herbicide treatments for long term weed control, but without the fuss of mixing and carrying heavy spray knapsacks. The Weed-A-Metre also reduces the risk of herbicide damage caused by unwanted contact of herbicide with foliage.

The Weed-A-Metre works by holding the assembled Weed-A-Metre above the tree seedling (end of rod touches the ground) and squeezing the trigger for at least two seconds to allow the granules to exit (granule movement by gravity). The granules exit out the bottom of the Spreader Cone Pylon, over the Spreader Cone Base and fall evenly onto the ground in a circular shape. The size of the treated/spot area is determined by the height the Weed-A-Metre is held from the ground when the granules are applied, the application rate and the type of granule. The volume of granules applied is determined by the trigger insert size and the amount in grams varies with the density of the granules.  

The complete Weed-A-Metre comes in a box containing:

  • Two sealable bottles for holding granules
  • A dispenser assembly fitted with two trigger inserts
  • Spare locking pad
  • Spreader cone pylon
  • Spreader cone base
  • Training rod to maintain height (900 mm)
  • Instruction leaflets

Read the Weed-A-Metre & EZidose brochure for technical information.


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